About Us

heyvan döşəkləri - hayvon matlar - животински душеци - maty zwierzęce - حصائر الحيوانات - حصائر الحيوانات - ცხოველთა ხალიჩები - מחצלות בעלי חיים - حصائر الحيوانات - حصائر الحيوانات - Tiermatten - animal mats - tapis d'animaux - mataí ainmhithe - esteras de animales - tappeti per animali - простирке за животиње


About US

Founded in 1978, LİDEROĞLU BANT KONVEYÖR KAUÇUK HAYVANCILIK VE MADENCİLİK SAN. ve TİC. LTD. ŞTİ. has continuously reinvented itself and established a solid position in the industry by creating a wide range of products. With our experienced and expert team, we lead the rapid changes in the business world.

Our Vission

WOCCOW advances with the vision of becoming an industry leader through a production quality that exceeds European standards. We aim to not only meet the demands of the domestic market but also to become a global brand by addressing international needs. Our quality and innovation-focused vision is dedicated to providing the highest level of value to our customers.

Our Mission

With a customer satisfaction-oriented approach, WOCCOW stands out not only through product sales but also through its after-sales support and services. Our expert team strives to maintain continuous customer satisfaction through meticulous work, and we are dedicated to providing the best service by keeping up with the latest industry developments.